Fire Rating

Spray-On Polyurethanes and Fire Rating

Demonstrating the Fire Rating of Spray-On Polyurethanes>

With so many conflicting reports about spray-on polyurethane insulation as a fire hazard, it’s time to set the record straight. Spray-on polyurethane insulation carries a fire rating of Class 1. In addition, 15% of the components that comprise most spray-on foams are fire retardant.

So, what exactly does that mean? A Class 1 rating means that a material is very fire retardant. It also means that flames spread slowly through the material . Foam will melt or char if you try to ignite in, but the flames will extinguish if the flame source is removed. It also produces fewer toxic fumes than burning wood.

Spray foam can have an additional fire barrier coating applied, thereby making the foam even more flame resistant. There are many different products available to help with this. This thermal barrier also further separates the foam from the occupied space.

Spray-On Polyurethane Roof
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